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BALLOON Fiesta! RAVELCO of NM Brochures made their way around the fiesta! We secure YOUR vehicles while you enjoy the event!

Sea of Trucks at the Balloon Park!

Sea of Trucks at the Balloon Park!

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RAVELCO of NM: Invited to join with Office of Superintendent of Insurance Fraud Bureau and Auto Theft Task Force Target Auto Crimes to provide info on PREVENTITAVE measure: RAVELCO Vehicle Anti Theft Device!

Coming Spring 2019….Look for us at VIN Etching events around the STATE! We will be working alongside Law Enforcement and our authorized RAVELCO Vehicle Anti Theft Dealers aroud the state to not merely I.D. vehicles once they are stolen, but rather to PREVENT vehicles from being stolen in the first place!

RAVELCO of NM works w/Law Enforcement VIN Etching event at UNM Campus Johnson Field. UNM is #1 campus for auto theft…in the country! see below

RAVELCO of NM works w/Law Enforcement VIN Etching event at UNM Campus Johnson Field. UNM is #1 campus for auto theft…in the country! see below


July 8, 2018

According to the above referenced article, UNM is No. 1 campus in the NATION for auto theft, besides holding the title for No. 1 metro area for auto theft!  Securing your vehicle against auto theft is paramount in your new school year preparations!  


Latest news, tips, events!

Spoiled fun?  Say NO WAY!  Keep your recreational toys...and the vehicles that tow 'em!   with RAVELCO Anti Theft!

Bet this cost a pretty penny! Might wanna hang on to this one!

Bet this cost a pretty penny! Might wanna hang on to this one!

June 2018

Got a minute?    NM: $1.3 million in stolen vehicles "recovered" in 2016, according to:

Sounds good, right? BUT, how many are salvageable? Is "searching" for vehicles after the fact the best use of limited resources? One stolen vehicle is one too many. 

                                        ...the first line of defense! 


June 2018  

TRASHED!    It isn't the "reunion" you hoped for:…/stolen-cars-recovered-in-albuquerque-…

 Stolen cars recovered in Albuquerque often found trashed

It’s no secret car thefts continue to plague the metro. But for many drivers, even if they do get their car back, it isn’t always the reunion they hoped for.  KRQE.COM

March 2018

Got a minute...for a little known tip? If you find an unusual mark, such as nail polish, on your window, BEWARE! Your vehicle has been scoped out by thieves working in tandom: One targets, another steals. If this occurs, immediately change things up! Move your vehicle, remove the mark, alter your route, change your routine! Most importantly, ensure your vehicle is secure by having RAVELCO Vehicle Anti Theft Device installed.

March 22, 2018  (for year 2017)

 According to the NICB (National Insurance Crime Bureau) Albuquerque remains as the #1 city for auto theft ...out of 382 major cities cited.  What are we doing to curb this?  

WELCOME...Ravelco of New Mexico has acquired El Paso, TX! El Paso, you're covered...get your RAVELCO Anti Theft Device.  More info coming soon.  

Is MY vehicle on the auto thief's list?

(update from March 21, 2018)

Albuquerque ranks #1 in the nation for AUTO THEFT!!!

(27 Vehicles per day are STOLEN in Albuquerque Metro and neighboring counties according to the ALBUQUERQUE JOURNAL SATURDAY JULY 10TH) 

June 2018 and STILL  true!
Unloading F-350 10.2017.jpg

65 vehicle warmup thefts in Albuquerque January 2018

The below link/article was updated January 29, 2018!   Leaving your vehicle unattended leaves you vulnerable to auto theft...leaving it running is an open invitation for auto thieves!  Unfortunately, we must give up comforts and conveniences in order to protect ourselves.    Your vehicle will likely be used for other crimes!

.....get your vehicle secured against auto theft...get a RAVELCO Vehicle Anti Theft Device.  See our DEALERS page for a dealer near you, or call 505-550-4994.

Crooks steal car in under 60 seconds with electronic 'relay device'  November 29, 2017 Auto Tech

Police have released what is believed to be the first footage of a 'relay crime' in the West Midlands that allows thieves to drive off in vehicles without needing to even see the owner's keys.
Uploaded by Baba Sanfur on 2017-10-14.

Recent Testimonials: 

Robert's Story:  Friends don't let friends be without a RAVELCO Anti Theft Device! 

 I found a really good deal on a used 2015 F250 Powerstroke and purchased it in August 2017. I live in Albuquerque, NM, which leads the nation per capita for car thefts.  F250 Powerstrokes are one of the most targeted vehicles.  After much research, I found Ravelco and had it installed in October 2017. The install was $500.00 and is worth every penny and then some. Thieves broke into my truck November 2017, while I was on a lunch break. The thief punched out the drivers side lock to gain entry into the vehicle. They rummaged through the console, passing a $450.00 GPS unit.  You saved me Ravelco! But I still wonder why this system isn't advertised better. Ravelco, take out some newspaper and radio ads! No one will ever be sorry they got one, only sorry they didn't.   Thieves have one chance to get it right. The Ravelco website claims 100,000 different combinations, but I (who minored in probability and statistics) calculate over 1 million!  Any one having concerns or questions about the Ravelco Vehicle Anti Theft Device, my advice is to contact RAVELCO of New Mexico and anyone who has one. My friends, who I later found out have had this installed and NEVER told me, swear by Ravelco and now I do too!

Sent from Robert 12.31.2017

BTW,   YOU, our valued customer,  are Ravelco of New Mexico's best advertisement and promotion.  We HAVE promoted Ravelco Anti Theft via internet, Journal, Magazine, Radio etc...with nominal results.  Personal testimony and referrals make the difference!  Thank you!!!!!! 

Thank you Ravelco of NM!

    Have had a truck since 1978. The first was a Toyota that had 357,000 miles when I sold it. The next was a Nissan that had around 10,000 miles when I bought it. Drove it until a girl came across the interstate and T-boned left front bumper. Liked to kill me, with a bunch of busted bones. Demolished the truck and come close to getting me. Bought  Chevrolet 2001 Silverado pick up truck with 70,000 miles next. Drove it almost 10 years putting 200,000 miles on it.
 Moved to Albuquerque, NM year and half ago. Truck broken into little over year ago. By now was made aware that this city is number one in auto thefts in the country. Upgraded to a new 2001 Chevrolet Z-71 truck with 112,000 miles. A Friend from church had a Ravelco system put on his new truck and recommended you.  His last truck had been stolen twice.
I Had Ravelco put their mod on it end of September. Took the thieves two months to find it. Tore the steering column up trying to get it with no success. Did around $850 dollars damage. It would have been at least ten times that to replace the truck. Thanks to Ravelco will be driving it another 200,000 miles!   Sent from Tom 12-1-2017

Revelco of NM,

    While away on vacation, I got into my F-350 Dually and was baffled: it wouldn't start....NOTHING!  Then I remembered to put the plug in!  Started right up!  Ravelco did it's job.  Thank you, Ravelco of NM   Sent from Stewart.  11-29-2017


Chris Ramirez
August 11, 2017 10:24 PM

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. – The more criminals eye Albuquerque businesses as targets, the bigger those targets become. On Thursday night, it was a large dealership in the city that fell victim to one brazen criminal.

On any given night at the Galles Chevrolet on Lomas Boulevard, there are a handful of vehicles that remain in the garage overnight – cars that will continue to be worked on the next day.

Instead, those cars were stolen; four of them driven out of the garage and down the road one-by-one, in a heist carried out by a sole suspect who was caught on camera.

The criminal also made off with thousands of dollars’ worth of tools, and even spent time going through filing cabinets in the office.

“It’s pretty devastating on everyone. I think anger is an understatement," said John Labezz, service manager at the dealership. 

Albuquerque police say three of the four vehicles belonged to customers getting their car serviced, and at least one of them has since been recovered using a Lowjack anti-theft device.

Police are asking anyone who recognizes the man to call (505) 242-COPS. 

Read a testimony from July 10, 2017 of a thwarted theft attempt!  Good thing CR didn't put off securing his vehicle with RAVELCO Anti Theft!


I've been wanting to write you for a while now to thank you and your team for the wonderful installation of the Ravelco system on my 99 Dodge Ram. 

Little background first - I live in a quiet residential neighborhood in SE Albuquerque. Just two weeks after having the Ravelco system installed on my truck, as I was getting into my commuter to go to work I saw the doors open to my truck sitting in our driveway -  no more than fifteen feet from the bedroom where I sleep. A seemingly professional thief had surgically busted out the driver side door lock cylinder and cleanly knocked out the ignition cylinder on the steering column, the broken cylinder assembly was spilt in half like a walnut and strewn about the floor. My truck was dead on account they had left the broken ignition in the on position. I simply inserted my Ravelco plug, hooked up jumpers to my commuter and with a simple large flat head screwdriver I was able to start it up and take it to the dealer for repairs. Had it not been for the Ravelco - my truck was a flick of a wrist away from being a goner!!! I'm so glad I decided to have the system installed, Ravelco without a doubt saved my truck! 
Thank you and your team for providing a much needed service to me and our community! 



ALBUQUERQUE ranks FIRST in the nation for auto theft!

saturday july 10tH, THE ALBUQUERQUE JOURNAL reports: (PAGES A-1,A-8)

... Metro is No 1. in stolen cars!  10,000 vehicle thefts which is up 50% in Albuquerque AND neighboring counties.  27 vehicles stolen per day!  that is the highest per capita!  (see article IN THE ALBUQUERQUE JOURNAL) 

Just when we thought your vehicle was safe...GONE!  

Secure your vehicle with RAVELCO Anti Theft Device!  

So you think you are protected...

Key-less entry, remote start, smart key, key fob, alarm, gps, kill switch...think again! 

MUST WATCH below! 


November 2016 was been a busy month for car thieves!  Epidemic!  

We received a call today that a truck was stolen last night at a NE Albuquerque Church. It all occurred while under the watchful eye of a surveillance camera. The thieving duo followed the church goer into the parking lot, waited for the owner to enter the building,  pulled in next to the vehicle and within seconds, both vehicles drove off.  With a inexpensive device, they interrupted the wireless signal, started the vehicle, and drove off.  This is a story we hear all too often.  Just gone.  In seconds.   Much like what happened to the Florida couple in October..... 


Car thieves go high-tech in new approach to vehicle theft

Technology can "clone" anti-theft software and let crooks steal your car

Updated: 10:19 PM MDT Oct 23, 2016

As technology gets more and more sophisticated, criminals have more and more ways to target you. Just ask an elderly couple who lost their truck to thieves in Albuquerque

Sean Smith says his parents were in the middle of a cross-country road trip when they stopped at a hotel near Gibson and University. Smith says surveillance video shows a group of suspects walking up to the couple’s Chevrolet Avalanche with a box-like device.

Albuquerque Police say that "box" cloned the vehicle’s anti-theft software, giving the thieves access to the codes that unlock the doors. From there, stealing the truck was a snap.

"We have seen it before," said APD Officer Simon Drobik. "It happens around Christmas time at the mall a lot, because there are so many cars there. These guys just drive around looking to get lucky, and usually they do."

Drobik says the best way to combat sophisticated thefts like these is to install a GPS tracking system, like LoJack. APD has a "really good success rate" when it comes to recovering LoJack-enabled vehicles that have been stolen, Drobik said.

Smith says his parents’ truck has not been found.

(NOTICE: it is "recovering AFTER being stolen????  It could be chopped, cropped, torched, scorched and used to commit another crime!) 

Detectives discovered the group would go into various neighborhoods and check anywhere from 30-40 vehicles a night looking for unlocked vehicle doors, open windows or easy access into vehicles.  It was discovered they would gain entry in about 10 to 15 vehicles a night and would take any items they located inside.  The group continued to do this for about a week and half until police were able to identify who they were.  Through the detectives investigation they determined that Mario and Judy were trading the stolen items for drugs or cash.  Chad and Christopher were discovered to be using stolen personal information and stolen credit/debit cards they located in these vehicles.  The two were identified and observed using these cards at several retail locations in Albuquerque.

Based on the hard work the detectives did, they were able to secure arrest warrants for all four individuals and they were all taken into custody on May 8th, 2017.  Detectives have said that since these four were arrested they have seen a dramatic decrease in Auto Burglaries in the Foothills Area Command. 

Some stolen items were located during the arrest of the four individuals whom they do not have owners for.  Photos of these items have been posted on the APD Facebook page.  Please visit the page to view these items. 

(BE AWARE....theives look for remotely started vehicles left unattended thus vulnerable to theft!!!!!!)


Caleb James
October 26, 2016 06:22 AM

Car thieves show flippant attitude toward judicial process, APD says

A recent criminal complaint detailing the arrests of two would-be car thieves provides an example of the attitude some repeat offenders in New Mexico have for law enforcement. Albuquerque Police Department officials say officers deal with it every day.

Detectives said two men arrested together this week for stealing an APD bait car didn't waste any time planning their next robbery, doing so right in front of officers. If that wasn't insulting enough, police said the men mused about how quickly they’d be back on the streets.  

“We’ve caught these guys. We have a good case. We have them in a bait car,” APD spokeswoman Celina Espinoza said. “The evidence doesn’t get any stronger, yet the criminals don't even care.”

In a dash-cam video released to KOB by the department, Christopher Martinez is seen behind the wheel. His buddy, Bill Whitten, is in the passenger seat. According to Albuquerque police, the pair had just stolen a bait car in the video.

They seem pretty satisfied with themselves, too. On dash cam, 23-year-old Whitten reclined in the passenger seat, and the partners in crime made small talk. 

A few minutes later, there was little panic when Martinez realized there was an APD officer chasing them. Martinez leaped across Whitten’s seat but then gave up. 

They were busted, but it was a fairly casual arrest for the two men who have been arrested before. Martinez has a history of assault charges, and Whitten has been busted on a handful of robbery and burglary charges this year.

Inside a holding cell, they didn’t seem worried about it. 

“They’re talking back and forth to each other. ‘Well, it doesn't matter. We’ll be out tomorrow,’” said Espinoza, quoting the suspects. 

Espinoza said those men were so relaxed that they made fun of police right in front of the officers arresting them. According to one detective, “... officers overheard Martinez and Whitten stating, ‘... we'll be ROR’d by tomorrow...’” -- that means released without bond. 

“Meh, no matter, it’s whatever," said Espinoza, mimicking the men’s attitudes. “‘We're just going to get out tomorrow.’”

Espinoza said the officers put that in their report in the hopes of inspiring a judge to be strict with the men. 

“How disheartening is that for us?” she said. “The officers are frustrated.” 

Espinoza said the department isn’t shirking its own responsibility, and investigators are beefing up reporting to judges. 

“We have been doing a much better job of communicating with the courts -- of making sure that they have all the paperwork in hand, ready to go,” she said. “So they can set high bonds when need be, that they know the suspects' criminal history beforehand, and that we make a recommendation on bond.”

Martinez and Whitten may have had a little too much confidence -- or lack thereof -- during their booking. At last check, they are still in jail at late check Tuesday night. The men have not been released on recognizance as they predicted. 


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