RAVELCO of New Mexico

is the EXCLUSIVE distributor for the RAVELCO Anti-Theft Device for the state of New Mexico

We're also the # 1 Dealer in the Albuquerque Metro Area

We sell and install your

RAVELCO Anti Theft Device!



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Been a victim of auto theft? Do NOT be a victim twice!

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Locations Securing YOUR Vehicles against auto theft...


  • Central New Mexico (Albuquerque, Distributor/Dealer) RAVELCO of NM

  • Four Corners Area (Bloomfield, since 10/2016) DOUBLE NICKEL

  • Eastern New Mexico (Artesia, since 9/2017) SYSTEM SERVICES,LLC--

  • Southern New Mexico  (Las Cruces, since 1/2018) Ravelco of Southern New Mexico,

  • EL Paso... call!  505-550-4994  

  • IDAHO (Pocatello/Chubbuck, Ravelco of Idaho NOVEHICLESTOLEN.COM) 505-934-0105


Call 505-550-4994

for information!